Close icon Just outside your door is Waugh Chapel Towne Centre, where you can walk to the movies, restaurants and world-class shopping. On any given weekend, you’ll find bustling farmer’s markets and live concerts in the square. And the wall-to-wall culinary delights of Wegman’s are practically in your back pantry.
Close icon Anywhere you turn, you’ll find acres of green space, including the preserved woodlands abutting the property. Jump on a bike and glide down Central Maryland’s WB&A Trail or take your dog for a trek through the tranquil woods of the half-dozen parks that wind along the Patuxent River.
Close icon Just a 20-minute drive from Monarch, you’ll find scenic Annapolis. Perched beside the Chesapeake Bay and considered the sailing capital of the world, Annapolis is alive with sunset tours, waterside dining and a diverse arts community.