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Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend with Monarch!

May 20, 2020

Memorial Day weekend is approaching and it’s much more than just a long weekend. The holiday is a time to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country while in the armed forces. From past years to now, its always important to never forget and pay respect to our fallen heroes!

Here are a few ways you can safely celebrate this Memorial Day Weekend:

Tour the White House from your Monarch Home!

While traveling to D.C. may not seem feasible at the moment, don’t let that stop you to experience this history and architecture of the White House! Visit Google Arts & Culture to take a tour!

Have a Conversation with a Veteran

Take the time and sit down with a veteran and listen to their stories via video conferencing. If you don’t know a veteran, don’t let that stop you—hear other veteran’s stories with Storycorps oral history.

Make your own Red Poppies

As you may know, red poppies are a national sign of remembrance on Memorial Day. Craft your own with this tutorial!

Patriotic Chalk Art

Express your thanks and remembrance artistically by creating patriotic chalk murals on your community sidewalks! Thank a veteran or just show your patriotism with chalk!

Memorial Day Concert

On Sunday, May 24th at 8pm, tune in to the PBS Memorial Day Concert, with headliners like Trace Adkins and the National Symphony Orchestra.

Take a Moment of Silence

At 3 p.m. on Memorial Day is the National Moment of Remembrance. Take the moment and pay your respects, send love and thanks to our fallen heroes.

Patriotic Movies

Sometimes, film can truly capture what these brave men and women have sacrificed. Take a couple hours out of your weekend and sit and watch a patriotic movie.

 Donate flowers

With a small donation of $5 to Memorial Day Flowers, you can send flowers to soldiers for their headstones.

DIY Patriotic Decorations

Get the whole family involved and make DIY red-white-and blue decorations. You can find some fun ideas here.

Post on social media

Share or write a social media post to shed light on the importance of the holiday. Here are some heartfelt quotes for a caption to honor our heroes.

More Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day

COVID-19 has caused many cancellations due to social distancing practices. But, the American Legion is offering a virtual Memorial Day to observe all their American Legion Members.

Learn more here.

Celebrate with America’s Food: BBQ!

May is also National BBQ Month! What better way to kick-off summer and celebrate Memorial Day Weekend than eating some of Maryland’s best BBQ!

Monarch is conveniently located near one of the best places around—Mission BBQ.

Mission BBQ is offering veteran and military discounts to our nation’s heroes. So, celebrate Memorial Day Weekend and have some of the best BBQ, while honoring our servicemen and women!